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What● is it I must expect Pray tell me; be my f▓riend, I have none on earth near me to lov▓e me now.” “I wish I could be a friend to?/p> t every Satu

This Weather sucks

?you, poor child, but I am of little ●service now, and you can better tutor me▓ than I can you.It is a hard thing▓ to say to a child of he

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Clouds All Around

r own father●, but you are too good for such as he.”● “Oh no, no; pray do not say so.Tell me, on●ly tell me I may love my father●!?/p> rts they tel


?entreated Sarah. “You cannot,▓ child; you have been used to▓ kindness and love, you will find harshness and▓ anger; you have only associated ▓with religion and virtue, you have ●come to misery and vice.As the nie▓ce of the worthy widow Perez you have b●een respected, and always found employment;▓ as the daughter of Isaac Levison you will be sh▓unned, and may be left to star▓ve.It is hard enough to find employment for● children of respectable parents ▓amongst us poor Jews; and so how can we exp▓ect it for others Don’t cry, d●ear; it is sad enough, but it is only too ▓true; and so I grieve you have given up e●ven


your character to come here.” “But w?/p>

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